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Training Centre

Training Centre is a unit of National Institute for Health Development, which aims at support national health and social policy by offering professional development courses to specialists already working in the field.

The center organizes ca 160-190 training courses/info days/seminars each year, as well as 2-3 public health conferences.

In addition, the centre also carries out analysis of training needs, and provides support to trainers in training methodology.

The target groups of our trainings include:

  • Kindergarten and school employees
  • Youth workers
  • Child adopters; foster care families
  • Employees of social welfare services and rehabilitation centres
  • County and local municipality employees
  • Counsellors, psychologists
  • Health care workers and health promoters
  • Social workers
  • NGOs
  • Workgivers & employees (occupational health)

Main areas of training:

  • HIV/AIDS and substance abuse
  • Health promotion and health counselling
  • Network of Healthy Workplaces
  • Health promotion for school and kindergarten staff
  • Social work and pedagogics for residential home employees
  • PRIDE-training courses for child adopters and foster families
  • Courses for employees of social welfare services and rehabilitation centres

In addition, ad hoc courses are organized based on emerging training needs.

The centre has set a target to start offering professional development courses that are based on the core competencies models of various public health or social field professions: social workers, residential care home employees, health promoters etc. 

Majority of our trainers come from professional training companies, universities or professional unions (medical doctors, psychologists, social workers).

Besides the several trainings and events, the centre also publishes a journal "Social Work".


Triinu Tikas
Head of the Training Centre
Tel: +372 659 3930