Health data


10 JUNE 2020

Health Statistics and Health Research Database

Health Statistics and Health Research Database is the place for publishing statistics and survey results about health and health-related issues in Estonia.

The data are gathered by National Institute for Health Development, medical registries in the Institute, Estonian Health Board, Estonian State Agency of Medicines and other institutions. The database is constantly updated with new data.

The database consists main areas that divide into sub-areas:

  • Population
  • Morbidity
  • Use of Healthcare and Reasons for Treatment
  • Healthcare Resources and their use
  • Health and Health Behaviour
  • Statistics on Medicines
  • Data for Health Profiles
  • Statistics on Estonian National Health Information System

The tables presented in the database can be both viewed in the Internet and downloaded using different file formats (.px, .xlsx, .csv, .json).

Dates of updating the existing data tables and adding new data are provided in the release calendar. The date of the last update to each table is provided after the title of the table in the list of data tables.

Access to the database is free of charge. Please refer to the source when using the data!


Ingrid Valdmaa, database administrator
Tel: +372 659 3813