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09 JUNE 2020

Estonian Tuberculosis Registry

The Estonian Tuberculosis Registry comprises reports on all diagnosed cases of tuberculosis in Estonia, the organization of statistics on tuberculosis and the analysis of the course and efficiency of tuberculosis treatment.

The data on cases of illness are registered on the basis of data cards and medical charts of tuberculosis patients, submitted by attending physicians or pathologists. The data on the occurrence and the antimicrobial resistance of the tuberculosis bacteria M. Tuberculosis are sent from the laboratories of mycobacteriology.

Individual data and the respective reports and statistics collected into the Tuberculosis Registry make it possible to accurately monitor the dynamics of the illness and the efficiency of the used treatment schemas, including development of the antimicrobial resistance. This in its turn makes it possible to determine the problematic areas and the subgroups of tuberculous patients in need of additional intervention.

Issuing and publishing of data:

The Registry's electronic database includes data since 1995. During that time, all in all over 10 000 cases of tuberculosis have been registered in Estonia. Tuberculosis as a contagious disease has been officially registered since 1922 in Estonia.


Piret Viiklepp
Head of Registry
Tel: +372 659 3917