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28 JUNE 2023

Estonian Cancer Screening Registry

Estonian Cancer Screening Registry was established in January 2015.

Estonian Cancer Screening Registry records data, which is collected in the course of the breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening programmes, on the following:

  • participation in screening programme;
  • results of the screening test and additional investigations;
  • treatment in the event of any detected changes.

The data entered in the registry enables to analyse and evaluate the efficiency and quality of the screening programmes on a regular basis and to carry out epidemiological research. Based on the research, it is possible to shape health policy and plan financial and human resources in a better way.

Furthermore, the goal of the registry is to facilitate the process of sending screening participation invitations.

The objective of cancer screening is the prevention and early detection of cancer. The earlier cancer is detected, the better are the chances for treatment. Early detection ensures better treatment results for the patient, medical costs will be reduced and the quality of life will improve.

Data collection

The registry functions as a digital registry to which the data is obtained from the Estonian National Health Information System. The data there is provided by all health care providers.

The registry also changes data with other national databases (e.g. The Population Register, Estonian Causes of Death Registry, Estonian Cancer Registry, Estonian Health Insurance Fund) through the X-Road data exchange. All information is received in the course of automatic data inquiries.

Data publication: