02 MARCH 2021

In January, the coronavirus caused a tenth of deaths in Estonia

According to the preliminary data of the Estonian Causes of Death Register, 1,468 Estonian residents died in January 2021. The first reason was circulatory diseases (706 cases) and the second was malignant neoplasms (269 cases). In third place are respiratory diseases with 199 cases, of which 154 were caused by COVID-19. It accounts for 10 percent of all deaths in January.

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The incidence of COVID-19 is high throughout Estonia, which is also illustrated by the fact that 203 Estonians died in Estonia due to COVID-19 in 2020, this year in January 154. In order for the medical system to hold out and not endanger the lives and health of other people, all protective measures must be observed. Avoid contact, keep distance, work from distance if possible and wear a mask. Minimize your contacts with other people to reduce the risk of getting infected yourself and passing the infection on to the family.