30 OCTOBER 2020

Diagnostics and therapeutic procedures 2019

Last year, 91,391 mammographic screenings were performed in Estonia, which is 7% more than in 2018, according to statistics published by the National Institute for Health Development (NIHD). The number of patients studied increased by 2%. The number of mammography examinations in screening program in Estonia has gradually increased over the last three years.

X-ray examinations were performed 834,637 times last year, which is 2% less than in 2018.

In 2019, 66,982 interventional radiology procedures (biopsies, punctures, radiofrequency ablations and angiographies) were performed on 38,501 patients, which is 11% more than in 2018.

The number of endoscopic examinations increased by 14% compared to 2018. The largest increase (more than 3 times) has been in the examination of children's nose, larynx, mouth and pharynx.

The number of rehabilitation procedures has decreased by 3% in the last two years compared to the previous one. The largest share of rehabilitation procedures (35%) is physiotherapy, the number of procedures of which increased by 2% during the year.

The number of laboratory analyses have been steadily increasing over the last four years. The largest increase was in 2019 in immunological analyses (as in 2017), which was 8% higher than in the previous year.

As of the end of 2019, health care providers had 25 CT scanners, 19 MRI scanners, 14 mammography units, 11 angiographs, 7 radiotherapy equipment, 3 gamma cameras, 3 PET scanners, 3 lithotripsy equipment, 370 medical ventilators, 204 anaesthesia machines, 150 haemodialysis machines and 5 barotherapy chambers in use.

The Health Statistics and Health Research Database contains data on 2019 diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and hemodialysis procedures and high-tech devices, and a separate radiology summary and selected high-tech devices are presented according to the hospitals of the Hospital Network Development Plan (tables HH06 and HH09).