08 OCTOBER 2020

Surgical procedures 2019

Compared to 2018, the number of patients operated in hospital and day surgery slightly increased. Compared to ten years, day surgery has grown by 38 percent.

In 2019, over 75,000 patients were operated on in inpatient and 61,000 in day care. This means that more than a third of inpatient care patients (excluding nursing care) and two thirds of day care patients underwent surgery. Compared to 2018, there were 0.4% more operations in inpatient care and 1.4% more operations in day care. Compared to the last ten years, there is an increase in day surgery (+38%) and a decrease in inpatient surgery (-9%).

See the data on the performance of inpatient, day and outpatient surgery in 2019 published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Selected surgical statistics by hospitals of the hospital network development plan are published here (tables HH071–HH074). Operating theatres data is available here.