Outpatient and home visits 2019

The number of physicians' and nurses' outpatient visits for 2019 is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The total number of physicians’ and nursing personnel outpatient and home visits total decreased by 2.9% and 3.3% respectively compared to 2018.

Over 9.8 million physicians’ and nursing personnel outpatient and home visits were registered in 2019. Compared to previous year, the number of visits decreased by 3%, in absolute numbers it is nearly 299,000 visits less.

7.2 million physicians’ outpatient visits were registered, which are 2.8% less compared to previous year. The number of family physicians’ outpatient visits decreased by 4.7% and for the other specialist physicians (gynaecologist, orthopaedist, etc.) it decreased by 1.1%. Physicians home visits also decreased by 18.4% compared to previous year. Most of the home visits (86%) are carried out by a family doctor, which decreased also by 14.9%.

2.1 million nursing personnel independent outpatient visits were registered, which increased by 0.5% compared to 2018. Family nurses made 1.45 million independent outpatient visits, which decreased by 1% (-15,000 visits). For the other profession nurses (general, rehabilitation, etc.) outpatient visits increased – they made 5% more outpatient visits. Midwives’ outpatient visits also increased by 1.1%, and total number of nursing personnel home visits decreased by 19.2% compared to 2018.