03 AUGUST 2020

Infant breastfeeding 2019

In 2019, a quarter (23%) of the nearly 13,700 infants up to the age of one year monitored by the family doctor or family nurse, were exclusively breastfed at six months of age.

In Estonia, 85% of one week old, 78% of one month, 65% of three months and only 23% of six months old infants were exclusively breastfed in 2019. Compared to five years ago, the indicator at six months of age who were exclusively breastfed was significantly higher ─ 33%.

The indicators of infants at six and twelve months of age who were exclusively or partially breastfed was 72 and 33 percent of infants up to the age of one year respectively (see figure). The both indicators have increased by 10 and 14 percentage points over the last five years.


 (by clicking in the figure, you see the interactive graph)

Infant breastfeeding data is published at Health Statistics and Health Research Database, tables SR90 and SR91.