18 JUNE 2020

The number of births has slightly decreased compared to the previous year

In 2019, a total of 13,953 children were born in Estonia, which is 328 children less than a year earlier and the number of abortions at the woman's own request decreased, according to the latest data from the Estonian Medical Birth Registry and Estonian Abortion Registry.

Of all 13,896 children born last year, the mother's place of residence was Estonia, and in 57 cases the mother's place of residence was outside Estonia. A total of 13,731 women gave birth: in 13,512 cases one child was born, twins were born 216 and triplets 3 times.

At the woman's own request, the number of abortions decreased within a year by 40 to 3,580. The number of voluntary termination of pregnancy has been on a steady downward trend since 1996. The number of medically-indicated terminations was 192.

Births and abortions statistics is published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database.