21 NOVEMBER 2019

Health care providers’ revenues, costs and fixed assets 2018

Data on health care providers’ revenues, costs and fixed assets in 2018 were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Data is available also by Hospital Network Development Plan hospitals.

The main economic indicators of health care providers improved in 2018 compared to 2017. The health care providers’ revenues amounted to over 1.3 billion euros, which is 11% more than a year earlier. Funding from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund comprises the largest share, namely 67% of all the health care providers’ revenues, and it was 12% bigger than in 2017. The increase in revenues from individuals was 6% compared to 2017, i.e. smaller than the increase in funding from the Health Insurance Fund. The increase in total revenue outpaced the increase in costs, therefore the health care providers closed the financial year with a positive result. The net gain of health care providers in 2018 was more than 86 million euros. The hospitals generated the largest gain — almost 33 million euros. 13% of health care providers ended the year with loss. The investments in fixed assets amounted to more than 74 million euros. Of investments 55% were investments in buildings and structures, and 40% in machinery and equipment, most of which in medical devices.