23 OCTOBER 2019

Diagnostics and therapeutic procedures 2018

Annual data about 2018 diagnostics and therapeutic procedures were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Radiology examinations data is available also by Hospital Network Development Plan hospitals.

X-rays were performed 850,778 times last year, which is 1% less than in 2017. In 2018, to 37,660 patients 60,565 interventional radiology procedures (biopsies, punctures, radiofrequency ablation, and angiography) were done, which is 9% more than in 2017. The absolute number of functional diagnostics increased by 1.8% compared to 2017. Functional diagnostics were performed 3% more in specialist health care provider and family doctor's offices and 2% more in hospitals than in the previous year. The number of rehabilitation procedures has decreased by 2% over the last two years. The absolute number and coefficient of laboratory analyses have steadily increased over the last four years.