22 OCTOBER 2019

Medical devices 2018

2018’ data about medical devices is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database. The devices’ data by Hospital Network Development Plan hospitals is also revealed here.

At the end of the year 2018, 25 CT scanners, 18 MRI scanners, 3 gamma cameras, including 2 SPECT machines, 11 angiography equipment, 3 lithotripsy equipment, 3 PET scanners, 7 radiotherapy equipment, 14 mammography units, 145 haemodialysis machines, 5 barotherapy chambers, 193 anaesthetic machines and 350 medical ventilators were in use in Estonian hospitals and other health care providers.

The machine park has increased by 1 CT scanner, 2 anaesthetic machines and 8 medical ventilators, and decreased by 1 lithotripsy equipment, 1 mammography unit and 3 haemodialysis machines compared to 2017.