01 AUGUST 2019

Infant breastfeeding, 2018

In Estonia, 65% of three months old and 24% of six months old infants were exclusively breastfed* in 2018. Compared to previous year, the indicator of infants breastfeeding in 2018 was similar – three months old infants who were exclusively breastfed increased by 1 percentage point and for the indicator of six months old infants increased by 0.4 percentage points. Both indicators of infants at six and twelve months of age who were exclusively and/or partially breastfed also increased by 2 percentage points, reaching 72 and 34 percent of infants up to the age of one respectively.
Compared to 2013, six months old infants who were exclusively breastfed has decreased by 18 percentage points, but the increase took place for partially breastfed twelve months old infants by 9 percentage points.
Infant breastfeeding data is published at Health Statistics and Health Research Database, tables SR90 and SR91.
*Exclusively breastfed infants — infants who are fed exclusively with breast milk (incl. pumped breast milk). Additionally, they may get vitamins and medicaments, but not tea, water, juice, infant formulas or anything else what would replace meal.