10 APRIL 2019

Blood donations and use of blood components 2018

The 2018 data for donors and use of blood components were published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database. 31,329 people donated blood for nearly 53,900 times during last year (in 2017: 31,734 and 55,057 respectively). On average, every donor donated blood 1.7 times, which has been stable in the last several years. The number of first-time donors was 5,099, which is 0.3% higher than year before.
The number of apheresis donors was 666 and the number of apheresis procedures was 3,367. That makes on average 5.1 procedures per every apheresis donor.
Last year, almost 14,000 blood transmissions were carried out in hospitals, including 3% for children aged 0–14 years.