07 NOVEMBER 2018

Drug treatment, 2017

Data for drug treatment in 2017 were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

Drug treatment database is anonymous national database which collects the case-based data of the drug treatment patients. The database was established in 2008. Database contains the data of patients treatment, substances, socio-economic status and riskbehaviour.

Data of Drug treatment database from recent years should be taken with reservations because due to outdated IT-system which have caused several interruptions on database work. That has decreased the number of data providers and due to that the number of records. Besides that, unpersonalized data has not high enough data quality and efficiency to motivate providing data. That has resulted with less records year by year. In coming years there are plans to personalize Drug treatment database and upgrade the IT-system of the database. That will increase the data quality and hopefully raises the interest to providing the data by treatment centres.