Health care providers, 2017

Data about health care providers by type of owner and legal form, and also dental care providers and treatment possibilities by county in 2017 were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Data is available in database tables TTO10, TTO11, TTO40 and TTO60.

There were 1440 independent health care providers at the end of 2017 in Estonia, including 53 hospitals, 452 family doctor's offices, 488 dental care providers, 305 specialist health care providers and 142 other health care providers. In 2017, 74 independent health care providers started and 41 completed their activities. Compared to previous year (2016) 16 specialist care, 9 dental care and 8 nursing care providers has added, but the number of family doctor’s offices has decreased by 7.

Table TTO40 shows data about dental care providers. There were 542 dental care providers at the end of 2017, of which 488 were independent dental care providers. Compared to 2016, the number of dental care providers increased by 9. One tenth of the dental care providers offer also other health care services beside dental care and that number has been on the same level over the past years. About 40% of all dental care providers are located in Tallinn and about one tenth in Tartu.

96% of clinics offer only dental care, it means that 4% of dental care clinics are specialized solely in prosthetic treatment, orthodontic treatment or x-ray examinations. Prosthetic services offered 68%, orthodontic 10%, endodontic 92%, parodontic 69%, dental surgery procedures 42% and x-ray examinations 78% of the dental care providers in 2017.

Database table TTO60 shows data about health care providers in e-health system. By 2017, 1416 health care providers have joined with the e-health system which makes up 98% of all health care providers in Estonia. Compared to the previous year the number of health care providers that has sent data to e-health increased by 72 and the total number is 1091 providers.